Maldives 2018 WE Felidhe Atoll V1

. . . and here's one of my best wildlife experiences recounted to Rachel and Martin last week . . . please note my best experiences tend to correlate with the worst (or no) photographs :)

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Helen Simms

Studying for MSc Biological Recording and Ecological Monitoring, RSPB Practical Conservation and Patrol Volunteer

In first year studying part time for an MSc in Biological Recording and Ecological Monitoring with Manchester Metropolitan University. Practical Conservation and Roving Patrol Volunteer for RSPB at Budby South and Sherwood Forest. Transferable skills from industrial experience: work planning and execution, administration, budgeting and purchasing, and customer service.
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10 months ago

Wow! This is very cool, and I especially love that it has a version number! :)