Project 2020 River Calder Clean East Wakefield V1

Stakeholder ratings and roles for a hypothetical river clean project in my local area.

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Helen Simms

Studying for MSc Biological Recording and Ecological Monitoring, RSPB Practical Conservation and Patrol Volunteer

In first year studying part time for an MSc in Biological Recording and Ecological Monitoring with Manchester Metropolitan University. Practical Conservation and Roving Patrol Volunteer for RSPB at Budby South and Sherwood Forest. Transferable skills from industrial experience: work planning and execution, administration, budgeting and purchasing, and customer service.
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Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
10 months ago

Lots of stakeholders, great! 

Go to the profile of Alison Elvidge
10 months ago

Hi Helen

your stakeholder assessments look good, I struggled a bit with this and didn't use any actual names for my stakeholders.  I volunter for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust where I carry out Cetacean watches and log any porpoises, dolphins and whales at my station on the East Coast of Yorkshire and have just found out we can start to survey again from tomorrow.

Go to the profile of Helen Simms
9 months ago

Hi Alison

I've only just read your message before going into the 6pm session. Did you go out yet and did you see anything? I was thinking myself about going over to the coast soon just to have a look off my own back, I might well do so this week in between looking for the scarce amount of jobs that are about.