Stanley Ferry Quarry

Any help or advice would be very welcome

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When I wrote in my profile "in my own back yard" little did I mean it this literally!  The above proposed quarry for which planning application ref 20/01159/FUL has been submitted is a stone's throw from my house (on the road at the left of the insert map).  (I would object wherever in the world it was).

Do any of you conservation pros have any advice on writing my objection to the planning application in the attempt to quash the proposal, please?

I am in the process of reading/looking at all of the documents.

So far I have tweeted them one question, where did they get their extraction figure from, because to me it doesn't add up, and so far had no answer. (Joined twitter for this reason).  They appear to not have answered a couple of questions correctly on their planning application, about trees and the visibility of the site from public access areas.  Yesterday I went out the take photos as proof.  This morning I've had their harvester driving over to my house with the blades whirring.  That's as far as I've got, and need to have it pretty much done by 19th July.  I will post progress then anyway.  The planning application closes the week after.

The second page at the top has some of my notes so far and a photo of the tracks of the harvester towards my house.

Any advice would be really helpful, thank you.

Helen Simms

Conservation Volunteer / PG Student, RSPB, ORCA, MMU

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over 1 year ago

Hello Helen, not my area of expertise sorry. I assume they will have to have a full environmental survey done? This question would be best answered by someone with an ecological consultancy background I think. The usual things I would look for is a bat survey completed, what hedgerows would need to be taken out and the impact of the infrastructure that is needed to get the stuff out, which interestingly is canal! They say two lakes will be created which could be good, but I wonder who will manage them? They say 'angling and amenities' before they say conservation. Good luck with it!