Stanley Ferry Quarry Update

Here's some more of my notes for objection case. Friday is my deadline for getting it done, and still got a ridiculous amount to read. It will probably inevitably go ahead anyway, but when I know the result I'll post it in the WildThings room.

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Helen Simms

Studying for MSc Biological Recording and Ecological Monitoring, RSPB Practical Conservation and Patrol Volunteer

In first year studying part time for an MSc in Biological Recording and Ecological Monitoring with Manchester Metropolitan University. Practical Conservation and Roving Patrol Volunteer for RSPB at Budby South and Sherwood Forest. Transferable skills from industrial experience: work planning and execution, administration, budgeting and purchasing, and customer service.
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9 months ago

I forgot to add that I'm planning to take a sample from the river with one of the eDNA kits from Naturemetrics in the hope that perhaps if any re-submission is required, then some water voles may emerge to be the heroes of the hour.