WildHub Webinar: Rapid adaptation to e-learning

The learning process can be an interesting, yet winding road for some of us. Here at WildHub, we'll provide you with a short-cut! Join our webinar this Thursday 26th March at 10am GMT and ask your questions to e-learning experts, Lucy Tallents and Beth Robinson.

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The current situation aside, e-learning is a great tool that many are embracing. This week we have two special WildHub members joining our 10am WildHub Weekly. E-learning specialists Beth Robinson and Lucy Tallents will share with you their insights on how to adapt to and thrive in an online learning context. Read below what we will discuss and how you can contribute to the conversation. 

Webinar description

People learn in different ways, some prefer online, some class based. Both are great and have strengths and weaknesses. In this session we will focus on the great things about online learning, whilst giving people confidence to make the switch. 

What we will discuss in this WildHub Webinar:

  • Main advantages of online learning

  • Hardware and software

  • Motivations 

  • Encouraging a learning environment /re-creating that ‘classroom feeling’

  • Rapid adapting 

  • Engaging participation

  • How we can create an e-learning community.

This will be a free webinar, Q and A, followed by a short time for questions and insights, then we can continue the discussion on WildHub and create an ongoing support network. 

Join us on Thursday 26th March 10am on Zoom by clicking on this link:  https://zoom.us/j/287013683

Note: For those of you that are not able to join the live webinar, this session will be recorded and posted in our E-learning and Online learning room on WildHub for you to watch at a later time. 

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