Hello, I'm Hannah!

Hello, I'm Hannah!

Hi all,

My name is Hannah and I currently work as the Field Conservation Assistant at Chester Zoo. I started my conservation journey with a BSc in Zoology at the University of Manchester, during which I spent a year on industrial placement with the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia - when I returned I couldn't imagine working in any other career! I then completed an MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity at the lovely University of Exeter Penryn Campus, followed by an internship with the IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group based at the Zoological Society of London, before joining Chester Zoo in August 2016.

I'm interested in all sorts and have been involved in research projects ranging from frog behaviour to badger latrine activity to oestrous cycling in cheetahs (involving vast amounts of time staring at cheetah vaginal cells under a microscope, which is probably one of the weirder activities I've taken part in...).

I get quite excited about badger poo.

In my current position I have been lucky to be involved in fieldwork and analysis for projects on badgers and dormice close to home as well as warty pigs and giant pangolins further afield, and have recently taken on coordination of a local citizen science project on hedgehogs. Aside from research activities, the main bulk of my role involves providing administrative support to our Field Programmes team, which supports more than 60 projects per year across the UK & Europe, Africa, Latin America, Madagascar & the Mascarenes, mainland Asia, and the South East Asian islands.

I also get quite excited about dormice

I look forward to getting to know you all!


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almost 2 years ago

Welcome Hannah! Great to learn more about your work and background - such a variety of animal species you described, amazing! If you like to get to know our other WildHub members, please have a look at our new activity WildHub Fika here. 

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almost 2 years ago

Hi Hannah! Love the photos :)