Reach for the sky! Join our WildHub Webinar at the Earth Optimism Summit 22-25th April

A new opportunity for WildHub members to showcase their work. Read here how you can join this exciting event in two weeks!
Reach for the sky! Join our WildHub Webinar at the Earth Optimism Summit 22-25th April

Would you like to participate in the Earth Optimism Summit 2020? It's now a (free) digital event! We invite you to showcase your capacity building for conservation story in our new room and/or share your questions to our panellists which will be answered live during the webinar. 

Tell your story by starting with the positive (e.g. working with communities is where I have seen a lot of success, before I started working with communities there was this challenge of...) then introduce your challenges, then move to solutions. Makes sense? This way we focus on our optimism and avoid 'doom & gloom' :) 

You can share your story as a blog (approx. 500 words), see contributor guidelines here, or as a podcast or video (see instructions on how to embed your podcast or video here). 

For more information on how to create a post, see a brief 4-minute video or written description here. After submitting your story, you may be invited to join our amazing team of panellists! Check who is already on our panel in the session's description below:

Title: Dive into the world of WildHub's Conservationists

 This session will consists of a panel discussion with inspirational conservationists in which we join them in celebrating their conservation success in building capacity for conservation and provide encouragement to fellow conservationists. Panellists are members of WildHub, a new global community of conservation professionals. 

Format: A panel discussion followed by a Q&A with participants. 
Target audience: Conservationists
 45-60 minutes 

Panellist include:
  1. Trang Nguyen - Founder and Director, WildAct, Vietnam
  2. Kate Vannelli - Director, Global Conservation Corps, US 
  3. Shaleen Attre - Co-founder IndianSnakes, India
  4. Eva Rehse - Director, Global GreenGrants Fund, UK
  5. Jessie Panazzolo - Founder of Lonely Conservationists,  Australia

Moderator: Thirza Loffeld, Community Manager, WildHub, UK 

We will use Zoom for this session provided by WildTeam, UK. 

WildHub tip: Press the 'Watch' button in our new room to stay updated on the latest news about this exciting event. This way, we can also share the Zoom link with you nearer to the time."