Event: Dive into the world of WildHub's conservationists

Join our interactive Deep Dive session at the Earth Optimism Summit, 24 April 8-9am Washington D.C. time (UTC-4). We will hear from inspirational conservationists about their success in building capacity. Let's celebrate the 50th anniversary of EarthDay together, join this special multi-day event!
Event: Dive into the world of WildHub's conservationists

Join us in celebrating our members' conservation success in building capacity for conservation; learn from and provide encouragement to your fellow conservationists. You are invited to ask them questions; post them in the comment section below or ask them during the session. 

Format: A panel discussion followed by a Q&A with participants. 
Target audience: Conservationists
 60 minutes 

Panellist include:

  1. Trang Nguyen - Founder and Director, WildAct, Vietnam
  2. Kate Vannelli - Director, Global Conservation Corps, US 
  3. Shaleen Attre - Co-founder IndianSnakes, India
  4. Eva Rehse - Director, Global GreenGrants Fund, UK
  5. Jessie Panazzolo - Founder of Lonely Conservationists,  Australia
  6. Sheherazade - President of Tambora Muda, Indonesia

Moderator: Allison Catalano, Phd Candidate, Imperial College London

Organiser: Thirza Loffeld, Community Manager, WildHub, UK 

We will use Zoom for this session provided by WildTeam, UK. 

When? Friday 24th April 8am-9am Washington D.C. time (UTC-4) which is 1pm-2pm London time.  

Register in advance for this Deep Divehttps://zoom.us/meeting/regist... 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the session. 

Digital Earth Optimism Summit schedule can be found here:  https://earthoptimism.si.edu/2020-summit/schedule/

How can I join? The event is free and no registration is required. People can “sign up” by liking Earth Optimism on Facebook and Twitter. The event will be streamed live on Earth Optimism's website, FB and YouTube.
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Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
over 2 years ago

 Looking forward to this and the whole Earth Optimism summit! 

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
over 2 years ago

Thanks Beth! Any questions you may have for our panellist already, please write these below their contributions in this room. This way, we can prepare our live session even better. Thanks!!