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Please join us next Friday the 24th at 8am EST to dive into the world of WildHubs’ conservationists in a panel discussion on capacity building! This is a Deep Dive session for the Earth Optimism Digital Summit put on by the Smithsonian Institute! There’s a limited number of spots, learn more and register through the link below.

Format: A panel discussion followed by a Q&A with participants. 
Target audience: Conservationists
 60 minutes 

Panellist include:

  1. Trang Nguyen - Founder and Director, WildAct, Vietnam
  2. Kate Vannelli - Director, Global Conservation Corps, US 
  3. Shaleen Attre - Co-founder IndianSnakes, India
  4. Eva Rehse - Director, Global GreenGrants Fund, UK
  5. Jessie Panazzolo - Founder of Lonely Conservationists,  Australia
  6. Sheherazade - President of Tambora Muda, Indonesia

Moderator: Allison Catalano, Phd Candidate, Imperial College London

Organiser: Thirza Loffeld, Community Manager, WildHub, UK 

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Thirza Loffeld

WildHub Community Manager, WildTeam UK

My background is mainly in species conservation, education and capacity development. For several years, I researched mother-young interactions in gorillas and chimpanzees, in captivity and the wild. After that, I worked for three years in Indonesia, where I developed and implemented youth ambassador and community engagement programmes on local and regional scales. These programmes are aimed at building conservation capacity and promoting stewardship. I currently conduct my PhD research on the professional development of conservation professionals and work as Community Manager at WildHub.
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