A Wildlife Biologist's Journey in Conservation and Research"

A Wildlife Biologist's Journey in Conservation and Research"

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I am Natsani Brandon Dube, from Zimbabwe, currently studying Masters in Statistical Ecology with the University of St Andrews and it is with great enthusiasm that I join the WildHub community. As a wildlife biologist, conservation advocate, environmental educator and Wildlife Researcher, I have dedicated my career to protecting species, environmental conservation education, habitat restoration through planting of trees and bee keeping among other things.

My journey in conservation began through academic pursuits  where I did Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Animal Science and Rangeland Management, during the period of internship (attachment) I fell in love with Wildlife Conservation activities in 2019. Since then, I have been actively involved in various project such as protecting lions and other large carnivores through promoting human-wildlife coexistence in human dominated wildlife landscapes in Zimbabwe using Lion Lights and mobile bomas, assessing the impact of elephants of Plants in Zambezi National Park, large Carnivore occupancy projects among other projects. My special interest is in wildlife research with more focus on carnivores and other mammals, however not limited to these. 

I am particularly passionate about marine conservation, community-based conservation initiatives, wildlife research. In joining WildHub, I am looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals, sharing knowledge and experiences, and learning from the diverse expertise within this community.

I believe that collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange are crucial in addressing the complex challenges in conservation. I am eager to contribute to this community by engaging into discussions.

I am also hoping to learn new perspectives on conservation strategies, updates on conservation research, networking opportunities for my future job or PhD soon after finishing my Masters in 2024. .

Thank you for welcoming me into this vibrant community. I am excited about the opportunities for collaboration and growth that WildHub offers and look forward to engaging with you all!

Warm regards,

Natsani D Dube

+447770112979 for Calls,

+263779614947 WhatsApp

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Go to the profile of Lara Reden
8 months ago

Welcome to WildHub, Natsani! All the best with completing your Masters.

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
8 months ago

A warm welcome to WildHub Natsani! Great to have you join us and thanks for sharing about your background. 

What kind of opportunities (e.g. knowledge, connections) are you looking for within our community?

I would recommend having a look at our upcoming WildHub socials (information here ) - it's a great way of sharing knowledge and getting to know each other in our WildHub community. 

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
8 months ago

Tagging in @Fai Collins Ndi here too because of overlapping areas of work and interests. 

Go to the profile of Fai Collins Ndi
8 months ago

Welcome Natsani, I look forward to having a direct chat with you. 

Go to the profile of Grace Alawa
7 months ago

Welcome to WildHub, Natsani.