Call for youth stories: IUCN-Africa Protected Areas Congress (IUCN-APAC)

In line with the inaugural IUCN-Africa protected areas Congress, Youth4Nature is running call for stories from African Youth on protected and conserved areas in Africa.
Call for youth stories: IUCN-Africa Protected Areas Congress (IUCN-APAC)

We are looking for personal narratives and realities that explicitly focus on the governance, management and experiences of protected areas. Stories should be focused/set in Africa and can be at any scale or level (local, national, regional, continental). Stories can be  critical, solutions-oriented, or learnings-based, discussing either success stories, challenges or future goals through personal insights / ground experiences. 

Especially welcomed are stories that: 

  • Bring perspectives from Afrikan youth living, researching, studying or working in Afrikan protected areas;

  • Showcase projects and campaigns by Afrikan youth around protected areas;

  • Share reflections from Afrikan youth on the debates around protected areas and ways forward.


    • Best Story from Underrepresented Regions (North Africa, Southern Africa): for stories from Afrikan regions underrepresented in our Storymap (have a small number of stories).

    • Best Unrepresented Country Story: for stories from Afrikan countries currently unrepresented in our Storymap (i.e. have no stories).

    • Best non-English/ non-Anglophone* Story: for stories that are not primarily/originally in English (with translations allowed) and/or which do not come from countries in which English is an official language/lingua franca.

    • Best Women/Girl Perspective story: for stories from authors whose gender is women/girl and/or represent women-led/girl-led groups. 

      Prizes: USD 100 for individual and USD 200 for group stories 

      More and submit at: 

      Deadline for submission: June 30th, 23:59 UTC. 

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over 1 year ago

What an amazing opportunity @Aiita Joshua Apamaku. Could you perhaps add a banner photo to this post so that it might attract more members attention and I can then highlight this for you!

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over 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing!

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12 months ago

Hi Aiita, I wonder if you could share with the community the winners and their stories. Feel free to add it as a separate post so new members can engage with the stories as well!