Celebrating WildHub's partners: GoSquared is Planting WildHub Trees!

Discover how our software partner, GoSquared, is planting trees for WildHub!
Celebrating WildHub's partners: GoSquared is Planting WildHub Trees!

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Our software partner, GoSquared, has announced a partnership with Tree-Nation; a platform enabling them to plant trees across worldwide projects. Their work with Tree-Nation will also:

🌳 Improve local agriculture.

🌳 Provide work for local economies.

🌳 Increase regional biodiversity.

They are now planting trees to off-set the carbon emissions generated from customer emails. Each month they are choosing a client to plant trees for. 

For their first month, they choose WildTeam UK! Check out our own certificate  here


Considering all the conservation work WildTeam does, it felt appropriate you should be one of the first! Here is your certificate showing the trees that have already planted. We've chosen the Forest Program in the Fattick & Kaolack region in Senegal to plant the trees. Thank you for all your conservation inspiration on the WildHub community! We’ve planted 20 trees for you in the GoSquared Forest as part of our ongoing efforts to off-set email carbon emissions” (The GoSquared Team). 

A big thank you to GoSquared, especially to Chris W., for this fruitful partnership! 

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