Chiefs forum within Mt Mulanje Landscape Restoration Project

WeForest is heavily investing in behavior change of communities living adjacent to and away from Mt Mulanje Forest Reserve. Through the behavior change initiative, traditional leaders from first and second line villages have formed a forum and they meet on 15th of the every month.

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The traditional leaders are highly respected and valued in Malawi, therefore, by using them to spread restoration messages to their communities has helped to combat forest degradation in their respective sub- blocks under co-management agreement with the Government of Malawi through the Department of Forestry.  Due to strong leadership to enforce by-laws of some chiefs, their sub-blocks are still intact, as such this platform facilitates as a learning ground for chiefs who are struggling with restoration work.  

The Power of local structures in management of forest reserves under co-management is key, the traditional leaders from first (villages that share boundaries with the forest reserve) and second (villages that are adjacent to the villages that share boundary with the forest reserve) line villages are spearheading law enforcement, conservation and restoration of Mt Mulanje forest reserve with the support from stakeholders.

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