Citizen Science Stakeholder Interviews

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Dear WildHub Members,

I am contacting you all as I am currently undertaking a PhD looking at Loughborough University examining citizen science. As part of my research, I am interviewing stakeholders who are involved in UK environmental citizen science projects, excluding the citizen scientists. I am looking for anyone who is part of the setup (e.g. funders), running of projects (e.g. scientists or practitioners) or uses citizen science data (e.g. NGOs, journal editors or businesses). This research will require you to undertake a 45-minute online interview. If you are a stakeholder in citizen science (see the poster for examples) and will be willing to be interviewed please email me and I will provide you with more information about the study:

Thank you very much,
Catherine Wilson 

Catherine Wilson

PhD Student, Loughborough University

For people and society to obtain the full benefits of science the gap must be narrowed between the generation of scientific knowledge and the rate at which science is communicated to the public. After studying biological sciences at undergraduate and masters level I am now doing a PhD looking at public participation in science. 

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