Conduct Innovative Research of Your Choice with the Laidlaw Foundation

Become a Laidlaw Foundation partner and receive the opportunity to explore freely and innovatively the topics that are important to your organisation.
Conduct Innovative Research of Your Choice with the Laidlaw Foundation

Is your organisation looking to conduct cutting-edge research but concerned about donor funding? 

Are you tired of following the conventional research direction and want to delve into the counter-narrative?

Don't have the funds or the capacity to explore subjects that are important to your organisation?


The Laidlaw Foundation is looking to partner with organisations who are making a difference to fund important research for them. 

🔷 How does it work?

To become a partner, propose research projects that explore subjects, ideas, and complex problems which require fresh perspectives and in-depth analysis. 

If you are successful at being selected, we will promote the research projects to the thousands of students who apply for the Laidlaw Undergraduate Research & Leadership Scholarship at world-leading universities. 250 Scholarships are awarded annually to brilliant first-year undergraduates who are eager to develop their research skills in order to bring about change.

Scholarship applicants must have secured the commitment of an academic to supervise the research, so if you have any academics/universities already working with you who would like to supervise, this will facilitate applications.

Besides working on your project in their first summer, the Scholars will contribute further by collaborating with you on putting the findings into action. The findings can also evolve over time to produce a cumulatively richer and deeper understanding (see below).

Get to know some of our Scholars!

Scholars at the 2019 UCL Laidlaw Conference.

🔍 Summer One

The Scholars will carry out research during their first summer of the programme, under the supervision of an academic, as well as guidance from a staff member at your organisation.

Browse through previous research projects conducted by Laidlaw Scholars.

⚡️ Summer Two

During the second summer, you will have the chance to take the project even further. Laidlaw Scholars will implement their findings in real life to create valuable impact, or continue their research on a larger scale.

For example, if the research project explores the most effective ways of ending the illegal pet trade of scarlet macaws, the Scholar could travel to Honduras to lead a conservation mission on site (travel also sponsored by the Foundation).

But it doesn't have to end there! A new cohort of Laidlaw Scholars is recruited every year, so the project can be handed over between Scholars for many years to come, giving you ample time to discover interesting findings and create lasting impact.

Get in touch

Please get in touch with me over email at if you are interested in becoming a partner and would like to learn more! Happy to answer questions in the comments as well.