Conservation Catalyst: Carolyn Rosevelt

Today, I would like to mark a special occasion and congratulate our valued member, Carolyn Rosevelt, on becoming the first Conservation Catalyst with WildHub. Conservation Catalysts are our Core Community members who catalyse the sharing of lessons learned by teaming up with other conservationists. 

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Carolyn responded to our Call for Conservation Catalysts in February this year (2021) and dedicated the subsequent 9 months to interviewing conservationists to share their lessons learned with our community. In this role, she acts as a catalyst in sharing knowledge, experiences, solutions, and ideas to help others in their conservation work and enable better conservation of wildlife, contributing to our community’s overall goal. 

Carolyn reached the status of WildHub’s first Conservation Catalyst after sharing her sixth lessons learned post on November 21st, in which she interviewed wildlife conservationist and award-winning filmmaker, Fiona Tande. During the past year, Carolyn has interviewed a variety of conservationists, on the topics of volunteer recruitment and management, marine conservation networks, building bridges to inclusive conservation, diversity fellowships, and improving the impact of conservation science through communication. Please join me in congratulating Carolyn by adding your felicitations below! 

To celebrate, I took the opportunity to ask Carolyn some questions about her journey to becoming a Conservation Catalyst. 

Thirza: “What benefits have you experienced from being on a journey to becoming a Conservation Catalyst with WildHub?”

Carolyn: “I knew I wanted to go on this journey from the moment I saw it advertised. I had started writing again and I wanted to continue to communicate science while improving my storytelling. At first it was very odd having to ask strangers from across the globe if they wanted me to write about their conservation work. Not everyone said yes and I had to learn how to be flexible and keep to my timelines. Another benefit was growing my professional network, I love making connections with people and helping out where I can. Last, I’ll mention that I listed my Conservation Catalyst duties on my resume and discussed this role in job interviews. These actions helped me focus on my next career move.”

Thirza: “What helped you to contribute content on a regular basis and therefore helped you become a WildHub Conservation Catalyst?”

Carolyn: “I felt supported by staff to continue producing content. They did not pressure or overextended my commitment. Having a monthly content contribution goal helped and of course being a volunteer, overall, was pretty low stress. It was kinda sweet and validating to see positive reactions from my readers which pushed me to keep writing.”

Thirza: “Which barriers have you experienced to contributing content to WildHub on a regular basis?”

Carolyn: “I was working part time and looking for more work while I was volunteering for WildHub. During some weeks the monthly timeline was stressful. This stress helped me better manage my time ultimately.”

Thirza: “What advice would you give to other members who would like to become a WildHub Conservation Catalyst?”

Carolyn: “Try becoming a Conservation Catalyst, even if you are just a little bit curious. I found great guidance and support through asking questions to my cohort and peers within the WildHub rooms. It’s a journey worth taking”

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Thirza Loffeld

WildHub Community Manager, WildTeam UK

My background is mainly in species conservation, education and capacity development. For several years, I researched mother-young interactions in gorillas and chimpanzees, in captivity and the wild. After that, I worked for three years in Indonesia, where I developed and implemented youth ambassador and community engagement programmes on local and regional scales. These programmes are aimed at building conservation capacity and promoting stewardship. I currently conduct my PhD research on the professional development of conservation professionals and work as Community Manager at WildHub.
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Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
6 days ago

Massive well done Carolyn! This is a great achievement. I always enjoy reading your posts. 

Go to the profile of Matthew Creasey
6 days ago

Well done Carolyn!!

Go to the profile of Kristi Foster
6 days ago

A big congrats Carolyn! (And what a great initiative to recognise community members!)

Go to the profile of Lara Reden
5 days ago

Congrats, Carolyn!

Go to the profile of Ussi Abuu Mnamengi
5 days ago

Well done Carolyn! You are the best and deserves the best. Congratulations and best wishes for your next adventure!

Go to the profile of Debra Saunders
5 days ago

It sounds like an excellent opportunity for everyone invovled! A great initiative! Well done Carolyn!