Good luck!!

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Hi guys. I’m not going to be there in the live session for the exam next week, but it’s been great getting to know you all, and I just wanted to say best of luck with the exam, I hope you have found the training helpful and I hope our paths cross again soon.

Very best wishes,


Matthew Creasey

WildLearning and Communications Specialist, WildTeam

I work for WildTeam UK, helping to deliver training workshops, write conservation best practice manuals and share them as widely as possible. Previously a Writing Fellow working with various conservation organisations across India. Background in research, particularly behavioural ecology. Bird nerd.

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Go to the profile of Rachel Stewart
8 months ago

TY Matthew - Been nice to meet you during the course too. The course has been very interesting and I look forward to using the PMWC approach (cross fingers for the exam :o!) Best wishes and keep safe, Rachel

Go to the profile of Kriss Atkin
8 months ago

Thanks Matthew, it's been a great course!

Go to the profile of Liyana Khalid
8 months ago

Thanks Matthew, it was nice meeting you during this course, all the best and take care! Liyana

Go to the profile of Ryan Kinaid
8 months ago

Thanks Matthew, thanks for you help during the course. I will be trying to take part in the conservation strategy course next to synergise my knowledge with this one. So perhaps I will see you again soon. :)

Go to the profile of Arielle Alley
8 months ago

Thank you Matthew! It's been great getting to know you throughout the course.

Bird Nerd Alert: A gorgeous barn owl swooped down in front of us last night to pick up dinner on our drive around Oxfordshire. Also, I'm pretty sure we have a bonded pair of Red Kites nesting in the very tall pine trees behind our house. I hear them every morning! Hoping to catch a glimpse! 

I'll be wearing my "Grackle got no boss." shirt for good luck on the exam :) 

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