Greetings everyone!

Live from New York it's Dominick Marra
Greetings everyone!

Hello to all my Nov/Dec 2020 PMWC classmates! As I wrote, my name is Dominick and I am coming to you all from the great state of New York in the United States. Although I currently have no conservation experience to speak of, I have had previous PM experience in my career in computers.

As the world was turned upside down this year with COVID-19 I found myself out of my most recent job and the time home gave me a chance to rethink my life a bit. At first my focus was to move to another part of the country and even closer to the ocean than I am now and while looking for work in that area I started thinking about a complete revamp of my life and to take the opportunity to do something with purpose. I have always been in love with nature and have always wanted to do more to care for it and I finally decided this was going to be the time to make that change and rechart my course into wildlife conservation.

This course I hope will be a great bridge to connect my previous work experience and life with my new future life where I can take the lessons learned here and pursue a career of serving this great planet of ours now in helping to heal it from all it's extraordinary ailments. I look forward to seeing and speaking with each and everyone one of you in the coming weeks and perhaps long after that.


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over 1 year ago

Hello to New York! And hello to you Dominick! I'm sure you have lots of skills that will be useful in conservation though. Look forward to chatting in the live sessions. B