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Hello Everyone!

My name is Carys, and at the moment I am living in Pennsylvania, USA. I have a B.S. in Wildlife Conservation, and I am a qualified field guide with FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa). After graduating from university, I spent the past two years working as a research assistant & field guide in South Africa.

My job mainly focused on working with student groups, both local and international, and I found I have a great passion for not only field research, but also the education side of conservation.

When COVID landed me back in the US for a while, I decided to pursue further education, and I am currently writing a research proposal for a Master's degree at Rhodes University. Fingers crossed the US can get our pandemic response together and borders can open in the New Year!

I’ve also been using this time to reflect on my first two years as a "professional" and try to enhance the skills I felt I might be lacking or would be beneficial moving forward. I am very excited to learn more about project management on this course and to learn from all of you and our unique experiences.

Beyond my professional interests in field research & education, I love hiking, camping, yoga, crocheting, and cooking :)

See you tomorrow!


Carys Corry-Roberts

Environmental Educator, Chrysalis Nature College

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7 months ago

Welcome Carys! There seems to be a lot of love for hiking from participants which makes me happy. Crocheting isn't something I've tried, I have done knitting, but the most I've ever done is a long scarf. I've got friends who love crocheting! 

Good luck with the research proposal! Looking forward to chatting in the live sessions. B