Excited to meet you all in PMWC

Hey guys,

My name is Zoia Wowk :-) I am from a small coastal town south of Sydney, Australia. I guess I would define myself as a student or zoologist, graduated recently with a masters specialisation in primatology. Therefore, I have a background research/science/field work, particularly in animal and primate behaviour. I'm now at an entry-level career position and I have always been really interested in wildlife conservation and really want to make a difference in this area, so I thought this course would be a great opportunity to broaden my skills and be a better prospect for employment within the industry.

I'm really looking forward to this course and meeting all of you! But for now, here's a photo of me taking a nap on a macaque :-) at a wildlife rescue centre in Phnom Penh. Speak soon!


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about 2 years ago

Welcome Zoia! Looking forward to meeting you in the live sessions.