Hello everyone!

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Hi everyone, I'm Amber from Cornwall and I'm excited to start the PMWC course with you all. I graduated Biological Sciences from Oxford this year ... yes, I was in the dreaded covid cohort! I've since been working remotely as an Assistant Conservation Biologist with the lion coexistence charity Lion Landscapes doing scientific research, fundraising campaigns and engagement. Although early days, in my career I hope to increase the impact of conservation projects and NGOs worldwide - wherever this may take me! I may start an MRes/MPhil in biodiversity/wildlife conservation next year (sept 2021), but am still unsure due to the cost - any advice on this appreciated :) I can't wait to hear about everyones work.

Amber Cowans

Assistant Conservation Biologist, Lion Landscapes

I am 2020 Biological Sciences graduate and keen aspiring conservation biologist. I'm currently working remotely to promote human-lion coexistence in Laikipia (Kenya, Africa) with the conservation charity Lion Landscapes. I assist scientific research by building ID databases for our lions, do general comms and marketing, and manage fundraising campaigns like Tusk's Wildlife Ranger Challenge across all social media channels. My dream is to help conservation NGOs across the world deliver maximum impact, and one day maybe establish my own!
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about 1 year ago

Hi Amber! I'd highly recommend an MRes in Wildlife Conservation. I did mine a few years back and it was amazing. It was a really useful learning experience and the research side of things was fantastic- a lot of things that you'd never do as an undergrad. I self funded for mine using a postgraduate development loan from the Co-op. It was hard but definitely worth it as it greatly increased my employability and landed me a job in research (which meant I could actually pay back the postgrad loan!)

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about 1 year ago

Welcome Amber! Glad to have you on the course

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about 1 year ago

Hello Amber, great to have you joining us. I did my masters at UEA in 2011 and loved it, I was a little on the fence about it because of the cost and the idea of more studying, but actually it was great, I met some lovely people and re-discovered my inner geek. From there I went on to do a PhD. If you can afford it and think you would enjoy it, then I think masters degrees are great, but I don't think they are the only route into conservation. If you are focused you can achieve the same thing through working. Looking forward to chatting more in the live sessions. B

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about 1 year ago

p.s thanks for sharing the photos :)