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Hi Everyone!
My name's Alex and since graduating from uni in 2016 with an MSc in Marine Biology, I've been trying to follow a career in conservation with varying degrees of success. After going down the popular route of volunteering on a variety of conservation research projects around the world (Spain and Mauritius), I ended up working for Frontier, in their head office. I was pretty much thrown in the deep end from day 1 and so I picked up a lot of project management-esque skills as an intern. They offered me a full time job coordinating their research projects and I was able to pick up more skills in project managment from there, although I was mainly interested in contributing to the science. It took a trip out to their project in Fiji for me to see that Project Management was also pretty interesting as well as research. On finishing my contract with them in London, that led me to look for other work where I could use my knowledge and experience... About the same time as lockdown happened. So with all the competition, I am looking for a way to boost my CV and give some credibilty to the hands on experience I already have under my belt.

Alex Gardner

Field Operations & Research Officer, Frontier

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Go to the profile of Kathryn Jones
11 months ago

Hi Alex! Must have been amazing volunteering and working around the world, do you have a specific species focus or just going with the flow?

Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
11 months ago

Fiji! What a dream! Sounds like you'll have lots of interesting things to share during the training with your background in research and project management.