Hello! I'm Christina

Hello! I'm Christina

Hello everyone!

My name is Christina Paddock and I am a final year PhD Student at Cardiff University.

I am doing this workshop to learn new skills as I think this is the type of career I would like to go into following my PhD. My research for the last four years has focussed on the conservation of the Sanje mangabey (photo in the header image) using population genomics.

I live just outside Cardiff with my fiancé, two rescue dogs, two cats and two rabbits. I spend most of my spare time cooking, baking and crafting, having picked up many new ideas during lockdown to keep entertained.

Look forward to meeting you all on Monday!


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almost 2 years ago

Hello Cristina. Sounds like a good collection of pets and hobbies :) Hope they are all keeping you entertained through the Welsh lockdown. Looking forward to hearing more about your PhD. B