Hello, I’m Laura!

I work for the Scottish Wildlife Trust as a Conservation Officer for Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels.

I started out with a degree in Countryside Management at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. After that I had a few different Ranger positions across the UK. For the past two years I have been working on the squirrel project.


If anyone wants to find out more or get in touch, you can find me on Linkedin.

In terms of benefits I’d like to get out of this training...
- My contract is expiring next year so I’d like to gain more skills and knowledge before that to help me when applying for jobs.
- I recently completed the PMWC course in Nov/Dec and found it very useful in my current work. I feel like this course will also help me.
- In the last course I also found it interesting to hear other people’s experiences, it was a great opportunity for knowledge sharing that I really enjoyed being part of.


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12 months ago

Hello Laura! Great to have you back for more :) Matthew from WildTeam also did that degree at Aber and Lucy did her undergrad at Aber, but I can't remember what she studied, might have been zoology. 

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12 months ago

Hi Laura ! I'm based in Scotland too - doing quite a bit of work at Alladale Wilderness Reserve and I did some translocation work with Trees for Life on red squirrels! Looking forward to meeting you on the course! 

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12 months ago

Hey Hannah! That’s cool, you might know my friend Marina? She did the same work with Trees for Life! I dropped you a request on LinkedIn : )