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Hi everyone, I'm Sam from Manchester UK. Currently working at Kew Gardens in London.

I graduated from MSc Biodiversity and Conservation at Leeds uni in 2015. Prior to that I studied Zoology with Chinese, which is a reflection of my key interests - nature and human culture. I hope to bring these together in a future career in community-based conservation projects, but so far have only volunteered in such programs.

I currently work in a secretarial role. It involves a degree of project management and I'm looking forward in this course to furthering my understanding of project management itself and in particular the current practices applied in conservation projects.

Samuel Ngeow

Executive Assistant, RBG Kew

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Go to the profile of Lucy Boddam-Whetham
over 1 year ago

Welcome Sam! Thanks for the intro. I'm sure your language skills will help in the conservation world. 

Go to the profile of Maisie Biggs
over 1 year ago

Hi Sam! What was your experience with the MSc at Leeds? It's one that I'm looking at currently so some feedback on it would be great :) 

Go to the profile of Samuel Ngeow
over 1 year ago

Hi Maisie, it was a good, fun course coordinated by leading academics in the distinguished schools of biology at Leeds. It's quite a broad course and you have flexibility in choice of modules, but this also means you ought to know roughly what you'd like to focus on / develop in before beginning, otherwise you'll have a very general experience. What are you hoping to do after the course?

Go to the profile of Maisie Biggs
over 1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback! I'm not 100% sure what I'm hoping to do after the course yet, which is why I'm planning on spending a year or so between graduating next year and starting a masters to do some internships, so that I can really figure it out! But I like to plan ahead, so I figured I'd already start researching what masters are available 

Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
over 1 year ago

Welcome Sam!