Hello, Kimberly, Aka Ama Bat Yam, back in town.

Re-introduction to the community
Hello, Kimberly, Aka Ama Bat Yam, back in town.

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Greetings to all the passionate members of our thriving marine conservation community! As the Founder and CEO of Marine Conservation Network, I am delighted to reconnect with each and every one of you after my absence from the community. It has been quite a while since I have actively participated, but I am eager to dive back in and rekindle the collective momentum we have built.

Since our inception, Marine Conservation Network (MCN) has experienced tremendous growth and achieved significant milestones. Our programs have expanded, allowing us to make an even greater impact on marine conservation. I would like to take a moment to share some of the exciting initiatives we have been working on:

  1. Youth Ambassador Program: Our Youth Ambassador Program empowers young individuals with a passion for marine conservation. We provide them with the knowledge, skills, and support to become effective advocates for our cause. These passionate ambassadors actively contribute to raising awareness, organizing events, and initiating local conservation projects.

  2. Marine Conservation Hub: Recognizing the power of collaboration, we have created a Marine Conservation Hub. This platform serves as a collaborative space where various marine conservation organizations can come together, share resources, exchange ideas, and join forces to address pressing challenges collectively. By fostering partnerships, we aim to amplify our impact and drive positive change on a larger scale.

As we move forward, I am committed to revitalizing our community and reestablishing the strong bonds we once had. I believe that our collective efforts, combined with the diverse talents and expertise within our community, can create lasting change for the betterment of our oceans.

I am genuinely excited to reconnect with all of you, learn about your experiences, and explore new possibilities for collaboration. Together, we can further advance our mission of marine conservation, protecting our precious marine ecosystems, and inspiring future generations to become custodians of our oceans.

I invite each and every one of you to join me on this renewed journey towards a sustainable future for our marine environments. Let us come together, reignite our passion, and make a profound difference.

"Together, We Can Make Oceans of Difference."

Kimberly Ray

Founder and CEO, Marine Conservation Network

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Go to the profile of Lara Reden
about 1 year ago

Welcome back, Kimberly! I look forward to hearing more about what you've been working on in marine conservation.  

Go to the profile of Kimberly Ray
5 months ago

Thank you Lara, I apologize for the long delay of response. I will be posting an update soon. 

Go to the profile of Grace Alawa
about 1 year ago

Welcome back Kimberly, excited to engage and collaborate for a sustainable future of our marine ecosystem.

Go to the profile of Kimberly Ray
5 months ago

Hello Grace, I apologize for long delayed response. I will be posting an update of our organization soon.