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Hi there, my background is in Political Science and Environmental Law. My interest in conservation started with working on Elephants and I am thankful that it happened. Currently, I am working on understanding tribal/local communities and their dependence on forests in Central part of India.
I am glad to be a part of Wildhub network and look forward to connecting with like minded people to learn and share experiences.
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Ambalika Singh

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Hello there! My background is in environmental law. I have recently worked under a project on biodiversity assessment in coal mining area in the central part of India. As a conservation enthusiast, i am keen on exploring tribal communities livelihood and dependence, role and impact on mitigating conflict and biodiversity conservation. At present, I am actively looking for opportunities to explore climate change and nature conservation area. I would be happy to connect and share my experience and, equally delighted to learn about people and their work around the world. In my free time, I write poems and hope to write a book someday. Not an avid reader, but i always travel with books in my bag. I do enjoy books on literally fiction, philosophy, buddhism and spiritualism.
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Welcome to WildHub Ambalika - lovely to have you join our community!