Hi, I'm Lauren

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I'm originally from France but I currently live in the UK. 
During my first masters in International Studies, Cutlure, Conflicts and Peace in Montréal, Canada, I have worked with rehabilitated elephants in Thailand and studied the intricate link between tourism / ecotourism, wildlife conservation and the needs of local people. 
I then pursued a second master in Primate Conservation at Oxford Brookes University, UK, to specialise in primates. I worked with gibbons in a rescue centre in India.

For the past 15 months, I've also been managing the social media accounts and  creating digital content for a UK-based charity raising awareness on the situation of elephants in Thailand and Asia, especially elephants involved in tourism.

I'm passionate about wildlife, wildlife conservation, primates and elephants, and I have a deep interest in matters such as wildlife trade, wildlife tourism and local communities. I also love chocolate, Iearning languages, listening to music (and of course dancing and singing, my neighbours must be delighted) and I'm an expert at folding sheets (it's a rare skill to have, I know). 

I am currently looking for job opportunities in conservation, even though it's on hold at the moment because of the global pandemic.

Lauren Arnaud James

Head of Social Media & Content Designer, Thailand Elephants

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Beth Robinson 10 months ago

Hello Lauren! 

That first masters sounds like an intersting and useful one to have!

I recently learnt how to fold fitted sheets! Also, I learnt to fold lots of different items of clothes, I can thank this lockdown for this skill. Hehe. 

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Thirza Loffeld 10 months ago

Welcome Lauren! Great to have you board! We are preparing a new activity, named WildHub Fika, which may be of interest to you. It will be a fun way to get to know other community members and hopefully you will find out about job opportunities this way too! 

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Thirza Loffeld 10 months ago

PS I also did an interview with the founder of CCI's Fika group, Lindsey Elliott, please find it here.