Hi, my name is Innocent Oyarekhua, from Nigeria

Hi, my name is Innocent Oyarekhua, from Nigeria

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My name is Innocent Oyarekhua, I am the program liaison officer for Sustainability and Conservation Education for Rural Area (SCERA), a non-governmental organization in Nigeria currently having a program titled, Enhancing the Management of and Governance Effectiveness at Okomu National Park Edo State Nigeria where I am currently based.

I joined the wild hub to learn and improve  more on conservation especially to improve  on dealing with stakeholders engagement as this is the early stage of my career.

I was introduced to wild hub by my organization (SCERA) in other for me to improve on my skills in handling stakeholders engagement, I really hope to learn more here on conservation and if possible share of the little experience i have gained.

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10 months ago

I chose conservation as my career recently. At the beginning, going into the forest was scary and so unusual but I got used to it very quickly. Visiting local communities far away from home and meeting with people who had needs brought about another side of me i.e. the zeal of wanting to help people and the environment.

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
10 months ago

Dear Innocent, welcome to WildHub! Wonderful to have you join us. 

What has been your most important learning moment so far during your work at SCERA in Nigeria? 

I saw that you are doing the WildTeam's Stakeholder Engagement course; I hope it will bring you lots of benefit in your work and career development. 

Go to the profile of Grace Alawa
9 months ago

Welcome to WildHub Innocent, there is much more to learn and contribute on this platform. Explore the various resources available to you.