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My name is Alex and I'm working in a reintroduction project for the Northern Bald Ibis (the one from the poster). During my masters degree in biodiversity management in Vienna, Austria, I made the decision to work in reintroduction and I am doing so ever since. While my office is in Austria we work in 3 different countries throughout Europe. In my job I am involved in project management as well as in the actions in the fields.

After several projects I contributed to I learned one crucial thing. That projects are likely to succeed when you got the right tools beforehand. Sadly in university I didn't hear much about those aspects. Nevertheless this is the reason why I am eager to learn about strategy developement and also about project management later on this platform.

I like to spend my free time with friends, outdoors and indoors and I'm looking forward working and growing with all of you.


Alexander Schmied

project officer, waldrappteam

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11 months ago

Welcome Alex! Looking forward to hearing more about your project. B