How important is interdisciplinary work in conservation?

Hello All, Glad to connect with you all here, to ask you my questions so that I can learn from you and to share my insights and the lessons I learned so far!
How important is interdisciplinary work in conservation?

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Hi! I'm Muki. I am not from a conservation background but I am the lover of nature and would like to learn about conservation of nature and how I can learn the skills to contribute to the nature. Currently, in my role I am working closely with M&E team to collect data regularly on standard indicators.

As I am new to the conservation, I would love to learn from the WildHub community about:

How important is collaboration and interdisciplinary work in the field of conservation, in your view? Please share an example where collaboration made a significant impact on conservation based on your experiences. 

There are many lessons learned over 15 years of experience in various fields. Some of the lessons comes to my mind are communication at the right time to right people, being proactive and take initiatives in the project, collaborate with key stakeholders and always willing to upgrade and learn new skills will always keep us in the way to achieve the goal.

I am so glad and happy to join the WildHub community to learn about the conservation of nature and the skills to acquire to contribute to the nature. Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences and insights with me. 

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