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I am Tess and I am currently working as the Development Director for the sloth Conservation Foundation in Costa Rica. I studied Wildlife Management and have worked in different conservation NGOs in Europe, Africa & now central America over the past years, mainly focusing on the “management side of things” e.g. capacity building, operations, logistics , project management, and quite a lot of donor engagement and fundraising. (As much as I enjoy the research side of conservation, I somehow ended up in the more “human side of things” and am enjoying it a lot). I am currently looking into getting an additional degree and am exploring the opportunities of either another conservation related degree, or adding a business degree, so it’s an interesting career choice time for me at the moment…In my spare time I love to spend as much time in the outdoors as possible (hiking & horse riding) and absolutely love baking.

I chose this course because I would like to:

  • Expand my professional capabilities
  • Learn best practices I can utilize for our conservation projects in Costa Rica, as we are still a quite young NGO
  • Share the knowledge with the team
  • Getting to know other conservationists and learning about their great projects

Teresia Robitschko

Development Director, The Sloth Conservation Foundation

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10 months ago

Welcome Tess!