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I'm the Author and Co-Founder of Tales from Mother Earth, a collective conservation venture that launched in March 2020, aimed at reconnecting children (3-10 yrs) with nature. We've produced a range of audio/picture storybooks for children featuring lovable animals and insects in order to allow children to draw closer to nature. We want to help them understand the current threats our wildlife is facing from erosion of natural habitat, climate change and plastic pollution, allowing them to feel empowered to get involved and help so they feel better about their future.

Our first book is Phoebe the Bee and it features bee conservation. It's an educational tale about a worker bee who through her courage and determination manages to save the hive and her family when her natural environment is threatened by modern development. 

We also run Story Workshop Assemblies for primary schools including craft and musical game sessions. 

Please see our website for more information www.Talesfrommotherearth.co.uk for more information

Jenny Bailey

Author & Co-Founder, Tales from Mother Earth

As a mother of two young boys, I am very aware of the importance of conservation and doing all we can to nurture and encourage the next generation, hence why I'm excited to introduce to you Tales from Mother Earth and our first published storybook Phoebe the Bee.
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Go to the profile of Olivier Chassot
about 1 year ago

Beautiful story! Bees are amongst hunan beings” very best friend. We cannot live without them! Great work and long live Phoebe!

Go to the profile of Jenny Bailey
about 1 year ago

Thanks Olivier for your lovely support and your words are so true.  Let's hope we can collectively make a difference here reconnecting children with nature. 

Very best, Jenny

Go to the profile of Michael Cunningham
about 1 year ago

These sound lovely! I will take a look at the website and have a few friends with children and we would love to see if you have found an easy way of communication that planting one tree is not enough... Every adult should have a woodland, and we are on the path to doing it! I wonder if you could do a blog for us and we can share your work with our readership?

Inspiring! Well done!

Go to the profile of Jenny Bailey
about 1 year ago

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your support for TfME it's really appreciated.  I agree with you completely as one day I would love to own a woodland!  Thanks for invite to write a blog for you, I'd be delighted.  Great to connect with you on LinkedIn too. :)