Lack of Proper Knowledge, introduction from Cameroon

The South West Region of Cameroon is made up diverse and a heavy wealth of nature made up of several biodiversity species and sub-species. It is made up of a diversity of endemic species, endangered and critically endangered species that are of great importance to the world of conservation.
Lack of Proper Knowledge, introduction from Cameroon

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Many species keep going extinct, data deficient and out of context due to limited knowledge and research about the species and their habitat. How ever many people are not informed about the existence of the species, talkless about the need for their conservation.

Many People today are not actually ignorant about conserving worlds Fauna and Flora. But the main issue on ground is many people today take careers and courses in Biodiversity conservation without even knowing what Biodiversity is and its importance to mankind. It is a culture for students in institutions to visit Biodiversity Hotspots and explore its biodiversity so that a proper foundation is laid regarding its protection.

Students from the University of Bamenda embarked on a three days field trip visit to several PAs(Protected Areas) in the South West Region of Cameroon in order to understand dynamics in Management of Biodiversity both In-situ and Ex-situ. This included the Limbe Wildlife Center(LWC), the Limbe Botanical Garden(LBG), the Mt. Cameroon National Park Head Office and the Mt. Cameroon National Park.

Truly as predicted by scientist, the day the last tree falls, the last Human will exist. This thus is a wake up call to many young and up coming conservationist to take up the mantle and explore the richness of nature around local communities. 


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