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Hi all! I thought this may be a nice opportunity to connect with one another via LinkedIn and expand networks. It never hurts to have more people who see you and who you see :)

Mine is as follows:

Please comment below if you'd like to share your URL! Happy connecting :) It was a pleasure to get to know some of you and learn about your experiences. 

Natalie Rhoades


MSc graduate, Edinburgh Napier University

I am a recent graduate from Edinburgh Napier University, earning my MSc with Distinction in Wildlife Biology and Conservation - my thesis focussed on native and freshwater shrimp and is currently being edited for publishing. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area and studied Marine Biology at the University of California San Diego where my love for the ocean and environmental conservation was cemented. In between degrees I spent time in Monterey, California volunteering, interning, and working for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Otter Program, two labs at Hopkins Marine Station, and as a whale watching naturalist. I am deeply passionate about science communication and education and am excited to see how my career develops!

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Go to the profile of Giedre Belousova
6 months ago

Great initiative, Natalie. 

I'd be happy to connect with you all and see how it goes with saving the world. :) 

Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
6 months ago

Lovely idea. We are already LinkedIn buddies, but if anyone else wants to add me here is my profile:

Go to the profile of Claudia
6 months ago

Hi Natalie,

Thank you for this great idea!

And all the best for all the wild conservationists in this workshop :)

It's been a pleasure.

Go to the profile of Jaima Smith
6 months ago

This is a great idea, Natalie! Thanks!! 

I'm in the process of building my LinkedIn profile (not sure why I have taken this long to actually do it!), so I will definitely be adding all of you fellow conservationists, if that's ok, of course :-) 

Hope you are all doing well! 

All the best, Jaima

Go to the profile of Ana Di Pangracio
5 months ago

Hi Natalie and all, my Linkedin profile:

Go to the profile of Eline Brouwer
5 months ago

Great idea Natalie!

Here's my linkedin profile:

I'd love to connect with like-minded conservationists and see what everybody is up to!