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Hi all!

I have found that connecting with other course members from the Project Management for Wildlife Conservation workshop on LinkedIn to be a wonderful way to learn from other peoples' experiences and the content they share. I'd be happy to connect with you all!

Mine is as follows: 

Comment below so other folks can find you! 

Poster image from a hike around Cairn Gorm, Scotland. 


MSc graduate, Edinburgh Napier University

I am a recent graduate from Edinburgh Napier University, earning my MSc with Distinction in Wildlife Biology and Conservation - my thesis focussed on native and freshwater shrimp and is currently being edited for publishing. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area and studied Marine Biology at the University of California San Diego where my love for the ocean and environmental conservation was cemented. In between degrees I spent time in Monterey, California volunteering, interning, and working for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Otter Program, two labs at Hopkins Marine Station, and as a whale watching naturalist. I am deeply passionate about science communication and education and am excited to see how my career develops!

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Thanks for this, Natalie. I'd be happy to connect with you all as well!

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5 months ago

Great idea, this was talked about in the first live session and I hadn't followed up yet. Here is mine Would be lovely to connect with people here.