Looking for grants to cover conference travel/stay

SER2023 Conference in Australia
Looking for grants to cover conference travel/stay

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I'm a forestry student in Pakistan. I am thrilled to share the exciting news that I have been selected to attend a conference in Australia. Does anyone know how to get financial support to attend a conference in Australia? I am seeking sponsorship support to cover my airfare, accommodation, and visa expenses and make this invaluable experience possible.

Looking forward!

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Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
12 months ago

Hi Muhammad, thank you for sharing your question with the community! Let me pull in some more members into this conversation who may be able to help answer your question: 

@Zoe Melvin, @Asghar khan , @Fay Taylor : given your university studies, would you be able to advise Muhammad on grants for travel to a conference? Many thanks in advance for your help! 

We also have a database of grants opportunities (see the link below), which can be found in room description of the grant opportunities room. WildTeam and the Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP) compiled the original list. WildHub members helped add to it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_8XfKnI9lkjfy02pIBbJQRFMJNWOEegZml7AUH7bixs/edit#gid=814568326

@Frank van der Most : have you found any funding opportunities specific to cover conference (travel) costs perhaps? Dankjewel!

Hope these resources help you on your way!

Go to the profile of Muhammad Asif Khan
12 months ago

Thank you very much.

Go to the profile of Zoe Melvin
12 months ago

Congratulations Muhammad for getting accepted into the conference!

I would look into whether the conference organisers or your university provide any funding opportunities. Maybe also ask your supervisors and colleagues whether they are aware of any grants to apply for in your specific field.

Good luck!

Go to the profile of Frank van der Most
11 months ago

Probably too late, but who knows ... usually one would search for funding at research councils in the country of origin or the country of destination. Perhaps there are supra-national organizations.

They may all require at least a poster presentation.

Go to the profile of Asghar khan
12 months ago

Apply to higher education commission of Pakistan for travel grant through http://research.hec.gov.pk/

Go to the profile of Muhammad Asif Khan
12 months ago

They will give only for research or poster presentation etc. Secondly, They take many days for approval. I'm facing a shortage of time.

Go to the profile of Fay Taylor
12 months ago

I'm afraid I have yet to experience applying for grants for conferences, I've not been to any yet, but I wish you the best of luck in getting there!