Networking back into Marine Mammal Conservation


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Decomposed California Sealion Oct 2020 New Brighton Beach, CA USA. Photo credit Carolyn Rosevelt

Hello and a pleasure to meet you!

I joined Wildteam, UK in Oct 2020 as a "student" taking a course in Strategy Development for Wildlife Conservation. Shout out to my classmates and hope you all are staying safe and healthy. One of the ways I want to utilize WildHub is for skills building and finding my voice. While lately heading in a different direction, my career goal has always been to work with marine mammals and conservation issues that is also a good fit. I know what you are thinking, just stick to finding any job that is a good fit. It is my pleasure today to invite you to Follow me as we utilize, this tool, our online community to learn from and meet one another.

I look forward to connecting!

Very best,

Carolyn Rosevelt (she/hers), M.S. in Coastal and Marine Science and Policy

Volunteer Conservation Catalyst for WildHub, formerly NASA

Nationally recognized by NASA for group collaboration in creating tools to monitor impacts to agriculture from drought. Currently exploring science communication, outreach, and digital media. Expert in international marine debris research and marine mammal conservation efforts along the west coast of the U.S.A. Please read more on my LinkedIn profile.

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9 months ago

Welcome Carolyn! Hope you enjoy the course.