Nature and Climate: Communication that Inspires Action

Nature and Climate: Communication that Inspires Action

9:20am - 1:00pm 19th October 2022

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We need to change the way we communicate about the nature and climate crisis. For the past few decades, the default has been issues-based communication - science and stats heavy, often with doom and gloom narratives . Common thinking has been that this kind of approach will scare people into action. But it's becoming clear that this is not working: rather than inspiring climate-positive change, it more often leads to feelings of powerlessness and information overload.

So how can we communicate about nature and climate in a way that inspires action, not despair?

This innovative half-day virtual event will bring together communication experts to share their insights and tools for an approach to nature and climate communication that catalyses change.

This event will help you:

  • Learn how to communicate about the nature and climate crisis creatively and effectively
  • Learn new tools to engage people and inspire action
  • Understand the benefits of new ways of communicating

Event Overview

The first part of our event will feature talks and Q+A sessions from a range of climate change and communication specialists. Our speakers will be drawing on insights from diverse fields including stakeholder dialogue and engagement, behavioural science, neuroscience, and professional coaching.

In the second part of the session, interactive masterclasses with our speakers will provide deeper insights and the practical knowledge and skills to help you inspire positive change.

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Event Speakers:

Kris De Meyer - Science communication expert and neuroscientist and director of the UCL Climate Action Unit

Livvy Drake - Behaviour change specialist and founder of Sustainable Sidekicks

Diana Pound - Director of Dialogue Matters

Charly Cox - Founder of the Climate Change Coaches


Early Bird - £87

Standard - £97

Concession (student) - £55

Concession (volunteer for community group) - £55

Concession (jobseeker) - £45

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Go to the profile of Lize Gibson-Hall
16 days ago

Thank you so much for sharing this Mitchell I will definitely take a look! I have just moved the sign-up link to an easier location so everyone can see it better. 

It would be great if you could add the date and time of the event as well as any costs involved. Thanks!

Go to the profile of Mitchell Rae
12 days ago

Thank you Lize, I have added some more info!

Go to the profile of Lara Reden
15 days ago

Thanks for sharing, Mitchell! I agree that scare tactics are frequently ineffectual and that there are many more productive ways to bring people together around an issue.