Ocean Conservation & Equity Policy Consultant Here!

Hello, WildHub network! Hoping to connect with others working in the ocean conservation and equity space to identify synergies.
Ocean Conservation & Equity Policy Consultant Here!

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Hello, WildHub network! 

Grateful to be in this space with you all. 

I am a consultant in the third year of my business, after a 22 year career employed across various sectors working toward environmental conservation and justice. I primarily work on program design and assessment, policy advocacy, communications, and customize my services to organizational clients (largely nonprofit and government entities). I absolutely LOVE partnering with other consultants on contracts and leveraging synergies to enhance outcomes for clients, and also often take on projects solo, particularly for smaller organizations. 

My biggest strengths and loves are storytelling, reports requiring deep and intersectional data analysis and synthesis, communication around advocacy, and anything involving hands-on marine restoration work using SCUBA. 

I am very active on LinkedIn, and have a number of volunteer roles, so I am quite busy! If you see potential for us to collaborate on work, or your organization has any needs that might fit my skill set, please do reach out at elizabeth@silleckconsultingservices.com. More information on my website at www.silleckconsultingservices.com.

Appreciate everyone here for the important work you do to conserve the wildness we all love. 


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Go to the profile of Lara Reden
about 1 month ago

Welcome to WildHub

Go to the profile of Elizabeth Silleck La Rue, Esq.
about 1 month ago

Thanks, Lara! 

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
about 1 month ago

A warm welcome to WildHub, Elizabeth! Great to have you join us and thank you for sharing your background and interests with us. Are there any work challenges you are currently facing in your job that you could use the community's help with? 

Perhaps of interest to you could be our WildHub Community Advocate role here, which can be a great experience for networking as well as shaping and supporting the conversations in our global community. Let us know if you have any questions. 

I am also tagging in some of our other ocean experts, including @Elizabeth Stephenson and @Kimberly Ray . Kimberly recently posted a "looking for support" request on our community that may be of interest to you. Once again, welcome to our community! 

Go to the profile of Elizabeth Silleck La Rue, Esq.
about 1 month ago

Thank you, @Thirza Loffeld! At the moment, I have two (or three, if you count our Caring for Corals campaign) unpaid, volunteer positions on my plate, so I would not be able to take on an ambassador role.

What I need most right now is income flow. My husband and I relocated to Mexico in late 2022, and 2023 was a very slow year. Once we stabilize in this way, we can explore other pro bono initiatives.

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
about 1 month ago

Of course and that's understandable, Elizabeth. Hope this year will bring you stability in that way.

In the meantime, many thanks for sharing relevant (grant) opportunities with our WildHub community, it is much appreciated! 

Hi Elizabeth,

I am so happy to have you here. Welcome to WildHub!