Our Parks Project

Our Parks Project

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Hi Everyone! 

I hope you're well wherever you are on the planet! I wanted to introduce a project that is in the pipeline and in stealth mode at the moment until we're ready to launch but we'd love your input if you would be open to it! : )

We are a family focused on community-centred conservation. Our plan is to bring together all the people that care around the world. The more successful we are at this, the bigger difference we can make. We understand that an integrative approach is essential to realise Earth as a place where people, animals, and the environment exist in sustainable harmony. 

Our Parks Project and Portal - A Journey To Preserve and Protect Our Most Treasured Places Around The World

Our overland journey will take us across 100 countries to the National Parks of the world, with the aim to preserve and protect our most treasured places. By capturing the stories these parks and their people tell, we will shine a light and support various social and environmental impact projects. We will inform and educate people of all ages of the challenges our parks face and how they can get involved while also inspiring them to take action and protect the natural spaces within their own communities. This is our way of helping to move the needle and protect what we love. 

There are two pieces to this that work in tandem but will allow for long-lasting impact well after the journey is over which is important to us. 

  • Our Parks Project - 1. The actual journey, with a focus on the stories and projects we help to facilitate within the global National Park ecosystem.  2. Generate interest in what we’re doing by educating, informing, inspiring and protecting which will, in turn, let people know about Our Parks Portal

Examples of some of the types of projects we will help to facilitate: the first detailed map of coral reefs, reef regenerationreturning land to indigenous people, the examples given here by the Whitely awards, the technology used to combat the illegal wildlife trade, a further array here, projects in Lebanon and Uganda, revolutionising fishing nets, acoustic monitoring in forests and underwater, a worldwide map of rewilding projects and electric motorbikes used to catch poachers

  • Our Parks Portal - A portal to bring National Parks, their partners and members of the public together to allow for the sharing of ideas, expertise and resources globally. This will also allow people from around the world to participate whether that be by leading conservation projects, volunteering time and expertise, donating funds, technology transfer, partnering, or just by suggesting ideas. The best bit is that it will lead to a steady stream of impactful projects to continue well after we have finished. 

We are focused on getting results, species protected, habitat restored, and livelihoods in harmony with a healthy environment.

As part of our journey, we will form our own initiatives but we actually believe the most effective thing to do is to reduce duplication of the effort that doesn't move the needle and not compete but rather collaborate with others who ultimately have very similar goals. Therefore, we are looking to partner with initiatives that are already established, like WildTeam, those we believe in, have a solid track record and continue to grow. It's relatively early days but we're starting to form a network of like-minded organisations now so that we have a solid foundation that we can build upon. We have some good contacts throughout the world with various organisations and companies and will be forming partnerships with many of them very soon.

Our website will be finished in the next couple of weeks and after that, we will get started on the Portal.

If you would like to follow along for now, CLICK HERE, we're very much under the radar at the moment and will be until we are ready to launch properly. All of your support would be greatly appreciated! 

Any input, ideas, help, thoughts, or questions, please let me know. All are welcome.

All the best, 


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Go to the profile of Lize Gibson-Hall
almost 2 years ago

Thanks so much for sharing @Matt what an absolutely incredible project. I am super excited to see it unfold and will be watching for updates. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to support and facilitate this venture! I also think it's super important to share stories and teach others through this medium. 

@Adam Barlow This may be of interest to you and the rest of the team :) 

Go to the profile of Matt
almost 2 years ago

Hi @Lize Gibson-Hall thank you for your kind words. It's still quite early on in the process but day by day things are getting ever more exciting! As for support, any ideas/thoughts/questions/suggestions are always good to hear from a community like this. @Adam Barlow was actually the person that put me onto this community and so I'm grateful for that. He also seems to be one of the most connected people in this world, everywhere I go, I see his name! : )

Go to the profile of Lize Gibson-Hall
almost 2 years ago

Great that you are already in contact with Adam! Yes definitely hopefully you reach a lot of interested people and keep an eye out for anything thats related on the platform :) Feel free to have an explore of our directory for connecting with other members as well as using our search to browse previous posts and content.

Go to the profile of Thirza Loffeld
almost 2 years ago

Hi Matt, Thanks for sharing about your initiative & welcome to WildHub! Another initiative that may link to the work that you plan to do is Izele, which is founded by Professor @Bob Smith, who is Director of the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) at the University of Kent.