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One of the exercises this week is to share examples of dependencies. Please post them as replies to this post and feel free to comment on other people’s examples, for example, you may have had a similar experience or you may have some advice to share. 

Project: California condor 

Incoming dependency: The project is dependent on the San Diego Wild Animal Park education department to provide a location to display the awareness posters.

Outgoing dependency: Los Angeles Zoo is dependent on this project for high-quality photos of the Californian condor in the wild for their promotional material.

Beth Robinson

WildLearning Specialist, WildTeam

I'm a WildLearning Specialist with WildTeam, a bit of a odd job title. My main role is to design, deliver and organise both our online and class-based training workshops. One of the best parts of my job is meeting other conservationists and learning about the work that they do. I really enjoy geeking out reading teaching theory and thinking about ways I can more creatively and engagingly deliver learning. Before working for WildTeam I did a PhD in invasive plants and human wildlife interactions. I find it really interesting to learn about the ways people interact with nature, both when nature is being wonderful, but also when is is being a bit annoying!
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Go to the profile of Ryan Kinaid
8 months ago

Incoming dependency:
I have worked for a couple of charities that both relied on volunteers, various types of donations from the public that ranged from money to textiles for day to day operations.

Outgoing dependency:
I worked at a wildlife rescue where we were asked to collect ticks we removed from animals, noting species we removed them from, the locations of where the animals were found and dates. This was to help with a scientific paper on tick distribution in the local area. (The scientist was strangely enthusiastic about ticks)

Go to the profile of Gemma Worswick
8 months ago

HLF community archaeology project

Incoming Dependency: Implementation depends on Historic England approving the plan of investigation and issuing a permit to dig at the site of a Scheduled Monument (derogation of grassland consent also required from Natural England).

Outgoing dependency: A project to produce updated interpretation materials for the site requires the new heritage information uncovered by the archaeology project.   

Go to the profile of Karen Burrage
8 months ago

Incoming dependency: Birdlife is dependent on volunteers to lead the change, training and communication workstream for their system implementation.

Outgoing dependency:  The project to implement new procurement processes using a specific system was dependent on another project to change finance processes and implement one finance system across the company.

Go to the profile of Miss Laura Gosset
8 months ago

Project: Raising awareness, amongst communities in Kenya, about elephant behaviour.

Incoming dependency: In order to start this project we are relying on a partner to deliver training for our team on a unique method of engagement, without this training the awareness sessions will need to be rethought.

Outgoing dependency: The wider MEP aims to recruit elephant champions/guardians within these communities and they are relying on successful awareness sessions offering them a chance to recruit interested and engaged individuals.

Go to the profile of Rachel Stewart
8 months ago

Incoming dependency:  We needed to ensure that a film company could be available to film on specific days that the Recycling Centre wasn't open, to avoid data protection issues in filming the public (we had secured staff and volunteers who were happy to be key players/extras in the film), and we had to allow time either side of the target day to allow for weather variations (which we needed!) 

Outgoing dependency:  Intelligence sharing for illegal fly-tipping depended on a partnership exercise to streamline ways of working amongst all participants.

Go to the profile of Kanishka Karunanayake
8 months ago

For an IT delivery project in a bank:

Incoming dependency: The project was dependent on the regulators publishing their requirements in time for the Design Phase to commence.

Outgoing dependency: An IT team supporting a software that was downstream of ours were dependent on our project completing on schedule so that it would produce updated outputs that they needed to meet their targets.

Go to the profile of Lara Reden
8 months ago

Blog writing for a women's health organization

Incoming dependency:

Each blog post needs to be thoroughly researched to provide accurate information to the blog's audience. 

Outgoing dependency:

For an article to be published, the piece goes through a five-step process. A first draft must be submitted, edited (by somebody else), and revised (returned to the writer). From here, a fact-checker (somebody separate from either writer or editor) goes through the article. The piece is returned to the editor for final revisions and scheduling. To stay on schedule, each person has a deadline to keep.

Go to the profile of Kirsty Marie Tapp
8 months ago

Project turning old pastureland into a native broadleaved forest.

Incoming dependency: 

A project where the aim was to plant a forest relied on volunteers and cooperate groups to come in a plant a large majority of the trees.

Outgoing Dependency:

Other charities depended on the plantation of the forest so that they could do surveys for butterflies, bees etc, to be able to document population and distribution.

Go to the profile of Niamh Robinson
8 months ago

Incoming dependency:

When looking to reduce plastic use in the school canteen, the eco-committee were relying on the Head of Catering to finish and provide an environmental review.

Outgoing dependency:

The school uniform suppliers needed the eco-committee to launch our water bottle competition and pick winning logo design before they could proceed to producing new reusable bottle for school.

Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
8 months ago

Great to see lots of these coming in, ace work all. 

Go to the profile of Ida Hansen
8 months ago

Project: Preventing human-elephant conflict

Incoming dependency: We rely on a service provider to manufacture elephant collars for our monitoring.

Outgoing dependency: The communities and people on the ground rely on us to monitor the elephants, warn them and possibly chase the elephants away, when necessary.

Go to the profile of Katie Shaw
8 months ago

My dissertation!

Incoming dependency: I am awaiting hippo DNA samples from ZSL and the Met Police

Outgoing dependency: I am designing a genetic test which will be a starting point for a tool to use in hippo trade. University of Edinburgh will continue the research and I have been working with TRAFFIC who are publishing a report on hippo ivory trade.

Go to the profile of Caroline Howard
8 months ago

Incoming dependancy: I worked at a small site where we made a major development - we decided to bring in snow leopards. We had built the enclosure, got our council approval etc., organised a transfer with the international studbook and were allocated an animal in Australia. However, when this animal was anaesthetised for a pre-export health check it was found to have a tumor and euthanised. We had a new snow leopard exhibit ready to launch and no snow leopard!

Outgoing dependancy: We worked with an external partner who was putting in a funding bid - they required a budget estimate. They couldn't submit their grant proposal without our statement of the cost of a captive breeding element to contribute to their budget. 

Go to the profile of Michael Burn
8 months ago

ORCA Marine Mammal Surveys

Incoming Dependencies:

Marine Mammal observers carry out distance sampling surveys along ferry transects (the project has a number of ferry and cruise ship partners). Access to the bridge to carry out surveys is dependent on permission from the Captain who may have more pressing issues to address that only requires ship personnel to be present.

Outgoing Dependencies:

Data obtained from these surveys create an annual report -The State of European Cetaceans. This data is used by other cetacean charities and the government to support legislation and marine planning.

Go to the profile of Arielle Alley
8 months ago

Incoming Dependency:

Funding for the new spider monkey enclosure is held up on the donor side and we don't have the materials we need to start construction. 

Outgoing Dependency:

The citizen surrendering her ex-pet spider monkey cannot start the transfer process until the enclosure is build and secure. 

Go to the profile of Liyana Khalid
8 months ago

Project: mitigate potential impacts of climate change to sea turtles in the wild.

Incoming dependency: this project depends on an approval biodiversity license by the the local authorities to conduct field studies.

Outgoing dependency: the marine parks depends on the project results to assist and advice them with the management of their hatcheries.

Go to the profile of Aaron Bhambra
8 months ago

Incoming Dependency : Need to ensure the use of venues to run training events

Outgoing dependence : Natural history tutors depend on biolinks to plan and organise the training events.

Personal master's project

Incoming dependency: I required tracking data to be sent to me from my supervisor as I was not collecting primary data myself for the project

Outgoing dependency: the final project will hopefully be published and add to a body of research 

Go to the profile of Irene Duch-Latorre
8 months ago

Hi friends!

I am sharing below two dependencies of my project on the brown-headed spider monkey in Western Ecuador.

Incoming dependency: Willingness of the local people to mobilize canoes and mules for our transportation and to host us in their communities.

Outgoing dependency: Undergraduate students who are volunteering for the project and using the data collected to write their dissertations.

Go to the profile of Kirsty Brettell
8 months ago

Incoming Dependency: 

Whilst working in a rural Indian village, we relied on the local Panchayat (like a locally voted village leader) to organise meetings for us so that people would attend. 

Outgoing Dependency:

We provided a few local women with training and materials to make reusable sanitary pads. They then went on to form collectives with other women, training them and generating their own income. 

Go to the profile of Jasmine Salvati
8 months ago

Incoming dependency:

While working on a lab project I was reliant on my boss working out the logistics to get the correct specimens sent to me from greenhouses around the globe at the right time to coincide with the collection of a pathogen sample I was testing resilience to. Both the specimens and the pathogens relied on outside companies to get to us on time.

Outgoing dependency:

We were collaborating as part of a larger research group who needed me to finish the research on time to get a written summary to them for their fundraising meeting.

Go to the profile of Camille Bordes
8 months ago

Incoming dependencies: 

My currant research project is dependent on National Working Permits to be delivered so we can access closed areas of the Nature Reserve and handle animals there. In addition, because we share a common study area, our project must wait for other projects to be completed so we can start working.

Outgoing dependencies:

As my project includes animal marking, other projects rely on our results to identify individuals and lead their own procedures. The Nature Reserve also relies on us to perform the annual population survey so they can assess animal density in the area and accurately monitor/mitigate the ongoing Human-Wildlife Conflict near the reserve.

Go to the profile of Matthew Woolf
8 months ago

Incoming dependency: all of our activities for implementation are reliant on approval from USAID in order to be initiated.

Outgoing dependency: All of our partners are reliant upon TRAFFIC as the prime receiving USAID funds, in order for us to be able to transfer funds onto them

Go to the profile of Nuala Mary Hanley
8 months ago

Incoming dependency: Working with the marine sector, many projects rely upon using  commercial companies boats to carry out work

Outgoing dependency: Different projects relied on me to have equipment calibrated and ready to be deployed within certain deadlines.

Go to the profile of Janine Antalffy
8 months ago

Bahama Oriole "Project" (Really it's a program, with many projects - and may run more smoothly if operated as such!)

Incoming dependency: This project is solely dependent on funding sources (travel, lodging, vehicle rental etc). We're currently covered by NSF, which should last us for the duration of the project if we begin managing time and money more closely!

Outgoing dependency: Birdlife International and IUCN are depending on the data collected during the project to make important decisions regarding IUCN Red List status for this species.

Go to the profile of Craig Duguid
8 months ago

Project: Seabed bathymetry data processing, analysis and reporting project

Incoming dependency: Project dependent upon receiving the raw data from the survey vessel / data acquisition contractor, along with a data acquisition report explaining the key data acquisition parameters and any operational comments etc.

Outgoing dependency: Another project team will be using the bathymetry data and analysis thereof to plan their subsequent seabed sampling survey.