Private room update: new feature to your room directory

Areas of expertise is now displayed as a filter in your room directory. We also developed an improved method of adding new contributors to your room. Please find the details below.
Private room update: new feature to your room directory

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Hello room chairs,

I hope this message finds you all well. We have started this new year with finding solutions to previous private room challenges.

Adding new contributors to your private room - update: 

We can now offer you two links to share with any new room contributors that you would like to add to your private room on WildHub. One link to add new contributors to your room if there are already WildHub members. The second link is for those who are not registered as WildHub members yet; by clicking on this second link they will automatically gain the abilities to share content with the community, herewith bypassing our WildHub member verification process, and they will be added as a contributor to your room. Please get in touch with me if you would like me to share those links with you that are specific to your room. 

Room directory - new filter "areas of expertise" now launched:

In your room directory, you will notice a change. We have been advocating for this change since last year and I am happy to announce that our platform provider now has kindly added the filter "areas of expertise" to your room directory, in addition to the filter that was already in place, named "country". For any questions, please add to the comment section below so all can read and benefit from the answers. 

I look forward to hearing how your individual communities are doing - feel free to share an update in this private room at any time! 



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