Rewilding Europe Making Europe a wilder place - 'Rewilding Intro'

#EuropeanRewildingNetwork members presents their initiative and tells us more about their #rewilding efforts. Coming up this Friday: De Maashorst!
Rewilding Europe Making Europe a wilder place - 'Rewilding Intro'

With more than a decade of rewilding work behind them, De Maashorst is on a mission to link its core open habitat of 1,500 hectares with the surrounding forest. Large grazers that include European bison, Tauros and Exmoor ponies are playing a pivotal part in helping to reshape the landscape, making it ever-changing and more biodiverse.

Join us this Friday, February 18 and get up close and personal with , General Manager and Timo Cents, Landscape Architect to learn more about their work and experience.

Follow the link in the event to register:

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4 months ago

Hi Barry, I hope the webinar went well what great speakers! Did it happen to be recorded so that the community can catch up?