Some thoughts for the job searchers amongst us

Let's use the hive mind to help the job searchers amongst us

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I know there are a good few of you on this training who are currently job searching, some of you are early career, some are switching careers. We discussed in a few sessions back ways that we can support each other and I thought this is one area where the hive mind will have wisdom to share. So here are a few thoughts from me but please feel free to add others.

In the half-hour before the live sessions, next week let's do an interview prep exercise. So at 9.30 am and 5.30 pm GMT. If you are keen, prepare an answer to the following potential interview question: "Can you explain how the project management training you list on your CV can help a project have conservation impact?”. Then we will split into breakout rooms to practice this and give feedback to each other. Yes, it is a little bit awkward practising interview questions, but we are all friends now and no one will be judging you!  

A lot of you are probably familiar with Conservation Careers, but if not I highly recommend having a look at what they do. We run joint residential courses with them and they are lovely humans. Lots of advice on there and they run an online course about finding a job in the conservation sector.

Sharing tips - please share any tips you have for job searching and applications as replies to this post. 


Beth Robinson

WildLearning Specialist, WildTeam

I'm a WildLearning Specialist with WildTeam, a bit of a odd job title. My main role is to design, deliver and organise both our online and class-based training workshops. One of the best parts of my job is meeting other conservationists and learning about the work that they do. I really enjoy geeking out reading teaching theory and thinking about ways I can more creatively and engagingly deliver learning. Before working for WildTeam I did a PhD in invasive plants and human wildlife interactions. I find it really interesting to learn about the ways people interact with nature, both when nature is being wonderful, but also when is is being a bit annoying!
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Go to the profile of Liyana Khalid
8 months ago

In my personal experience, having a LinkedIn profile (an updated one!) is a good start. I actually landed my previous job and this current one through LinkedIn. Having a profile and connecting with people in the industry really did help with my career. Give it a go :)

Go to the profile of Rachel Stewart
8 months ago

Thanks Liyana, a good top tip!

Go to the profile of Katie Shaw
8 months ago

I don't really use linkedin but I have a profile. Can you tell me what the etiquette is, should I accept connections from people I don't know?

I'm happy to connect with people on here btw!

Go to the profile of Liyana Khalid
8 months ago

I used to accept connections from only the people I know which was also advised by experts. But now I'm happy to connect with people within my industry even if I've never met so I can share my work with a wider group. Do try to filter people out, some profile may not look real. So yeah, depends on your priorities. If it's looking for a job, maybe connect with more recruiters perhaps? Do drop them a polite message when you request for connection, won't hurt. :)

Feel free to connect with me, Katie :)

Go to the profile of Ella Perkins
8 months ago

Thanks Liyana - I have Linked in but hardly use it at the moment so will definitely take that on board! 

Go to the profile of Michael Burn
8 months ago

Hi Liyana 

I totally agree with you on the LinkedIn advice. Although I haven't landed a job through it (yet!), I have received similar advice from a number of successful people. When I completed my degree, the careers team couldn't stress enough the value of LinkedIn and the networking benefits. I have contacted a number of people in areas that interest me and this has helped put my name out there and build up contacts.