The Hive Podcast; Episode 6 - Visual Communications in Conservation

Episode 6 of The Hive features Kendra Marjerrison, former Lecturer at Fleming College (Ontario) in the field of Environmental Visual Communications

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The Hive returns with Episode 6 - just in time for Easter weekend!

Kendra Marjerrison grew up in Ottawa and attended the University of Guelph to study Ecology and Resource Conservation. After working in a few jobs after graduating, Kendra was inspired to join the Environmental Visual Communications programme, jointly developed by Fleming College and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Kendra spoke during the podcast of the value of learning about communication disciplines alongside an existing knowledge and interest in conservation and how this has helped her to develop not only her career, but also her abilities as a science communicator. She also added that whilst programmes like Fleming's were of huge value, that you could learn most of these elements by finding units on a platform like SKillSHare. Kendra mentioned that social media is a great, accessible resource for people to use to get their messages out, she highlighted Jacob Colvin, whose output includes really short, but effective media around wildlife.

Brian Heppenstall

Lecturer in Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation, Kingston Maurward College

I lead and deliver a part-theory, part hand-on course in Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation at Kingston Maurward College, on the South Coast of the UK. I have managed Rangers and Engagement staff and overseen species and habitat management for over 20 years, but my passions are around people and conservation. From writing bids for engagement projects/roles to developing the future workforce, I believe the key to a brighter ecological future lies with people. I received the Alumni of the Year Award from Bournemouth University, in 2018, nominated for my work in supporting young people in Conservation, and our team have developed an industry standard placement scheme. I am also the co-host of a Conservation podcast; The Hive.

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