Ubuntu Magazine issue 9 is out now!

Hey there! Ubuntu Magazine issue 9 launched recently, and I thought you might like it.
Ubuntu Magazine issue 9 is out now!

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What you can find in issue 9: 

- Egyptian Vulture conservation - how to work across borders with a migrating species
- Ríos to Rivers - kayaking in South America to prevent damming of rivers
- Rugvin Foundation - researching porpoises in the Eastern Scheldt, the Netherlands
- How to rescue birds after oil spills 
- Law Enforcement in the combat against poaching in Zambia 
- Kelp farming in the UK against climate change 
- and much more! 

You can find the magazine here: www.ubuntumagazine.com 

And as we love to include personal stories, let us know if you have an interesting story to share, of if you know someone that would be perfect to feature in our magazine. 

Oh, and now that I have your attention, I am very interested in your opinion. Is this the right place to share Ubuntu Magazine and our new issue, would you rather see it somewhere else, or do you have suggestions where Ubuntu might be valuable? I would be super grateful to know and to learn. 

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Go to the profile of Eniang Inemesit Edem
2 months ago

Wonderful 👏 👏 👏 👏,i would love to share my nature stories with you,i hope to be featured in your magazine.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful resources.🙏🤗