Week 5 PMWC check-in

How is everyone?!

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How is everyone? There is a lot of stuff in this week's material, so hope you are getting on ok! A couple of thoughts from me :) 

Does anyone think they might start using the trackers or any other PMWC documents? Or perhaps you have a different tool that you like that you could share with the group? One tool I’ve been using for almost a year on a personal level for planning life and work is bullet journaling. I was a bit sceptical at first, as when I was researching it there were lots of Instagram images of pretty looking notebooks with beautiful doodles, and that just wasn’t going to be me! But I brought myself a yellow notebook, and I have to say, it has succeeded my expectations. I really enjoy the physical act of writing rather than relying on the computer so much. More info here: https://bulletjournal.com/. 

A couple of weeks ago we had a poll about potential barriers to starting your own conservation organisation. Yes, it is quite a scary thought, but conservation, more than ever, needs people who can think in innovative and creative ways. The job market is tough, but the skills you’ve learnt during this training could help you set up your own conservation organisation. Here is a post from Adam Barlow, WildTeam Executive director with his thoughts about setting up a conservation organisation. 

If you have any questions please get in touch. 
Hope you are all well.
Beth  🦆🐝🦋🐌🐞

Beth Robinson

WildLearning Specialist, WildTeam

I'm a WildLearning Specialist with WildTeam, a bit of a odd job title. My main role is to design, deliver and organise both our online and class-based training workshops. One of the best parts of my job is meeting other conservationists and learning about the work that they do. I really enjoy geeking out reading teaching theory and thinking about ways I can more creatively and engagingly deliver learning. Before working for WildTeam I did a PhD in invasive plants and human wildlife interactions. I find it really interesting to learn about the ways people interact with nature, both when nature is being wonderful, but also when is is being a bit annoying!
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Go to the profile of Katie Shaw
8 months ago

Hi Beth, can you point me in the direction of the example project plan document please?

Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
8 months ago

At the end of the PMWC manual. We plan to create a bank of example plans in the future so there are lots to look at! 

Go to the profile of Rachel Stewart
8 months ago

Hi Beth

I've enjoyed getting to know your templates this week - not sure I've grasped them completely (for example, I'm a bit confused by the summary page on the quarterly report), but I feel that I've made a good start.

You asked whether we had examples of other documents we like to use. I like using simple Gantt charts to display project information in a timeline - I think it's because I'm quite a visual person. Did you consider using these?


Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
8 months ago

Hello Rachel,

I agree, gantt charts are great for visualising things.

We used to have a Gantt chart on the work plan tab, but the feedback we got was that people didn't use it and it made that tab a bit clunky. We are thinking maybe in the future it would work if it was on a different tab. 


Go to the profile of Kirsty Brettell
8 months ago

Everything was going fine, but then I got tuck creating the quarterly status report- it would not let me copy the information over from the report conversion sheet at all. I tried all options- ctl+v, selecting paste and special paste from the list and all had a different issue, but none would work, so I haven't been able to get past that stage unfortunately! 

Go to the profile of Beth Robinson
8 months ago

Oh no, sorry. Are you on a mac by any chance? If you are, can you try pasting into excel, then into google sheets? 

Go to the profile of Janine Antalffy
8 months ago

Thanks for the info Beth! A podcast on Conservation Careers with Adam Barlow indirectly led me to this workshop heard a great a interview with him, connected with him on Linked In where he shared the information for PMWC :)

The trackers etc. have been very helpful to work with - I see there are quite a few tricks that you've implemented in the google sheets document (e.g. linking cells from different work sheets etc). It's making me think I need to work on my skills in excel....It's kind of funny. Last week I had a somewhat complex task with data management and my first thought was "Ugh...I bet there's a quick way to do this in R". So looked that up and spent about 2 or 3 hours unsuccessfully implementing this code. Then I thought, this isn't working I have to go back to excel - thinking it would be comparatively tedious to R as R generally makes things easier. I found a formula template online and it worked on the first try. So I do think it's worth me spending more time doing more complicated tasks in excel - particularly from the management perspective.