WildHub Christmas Celebration (Wed 14th Dec 2022 @ 5pm GMT)

Join us to celebrate what has been good about 2022. There will also be a quiz with a free WildTeam training place for the winner!
WildHub Christmas Celebration (Wed 14th Dec 2022 @ 5pm GMT)

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🎄 WildHub Christmas Celebration 🎄

Merry Xmas Christmas GIF by Susanne Lamb

Come and join us in your WildHub Gather space to celebrate 2022!

2022 has been another tough year for many, but we hope the WildHub community has been a safe place to come and find both advice and support. 

We are hosting this celebration as a chance for you to reflect on what has been good about 2022 and what you are grateful for!

Christmas Quiz 

As a thank you to you all for making such an amazing community, there will be a fun Christmas quiz with a chance to win a free place on one of WildTeam's training courses! 


This celebration will be in lieu of the usual, monthly 4pm GMT social. Can't join us? There will still be a regular social at 12:15 GMT that day!

This social has been created as a safe and inclusive space for everyone. Therefore, if you have any particular requirements, are nervous about joining, or have any ideas for future socials please do get in touch at hello@wildhub.community

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Go to the profile of Lize Gibson-Hall
over 1 year ago
Note: Due to the UK leaving British Summer Time please double check your time zone is accurate. I have checked on the internet but just to be sure!

5pm GMT Margate/London/Wiltshire, UK @Jack Cole @Douglas Houston  @Eden Plummer  @Jennifer McNulty  @Christine Tansey @Jackie Symmons @Juliet Landeman  @Taranee  @Emily Wagdin @Evelyn Len @Charlotte Green  @Giuseppe Forestieri @Emily Rampling @Camille Burton Belfast, UK @Lucy Tallents , @Lara Reden 

6pm Abuja, Nigeria @Temitope Rebecca Adelola and @Temiloluwa Fajembola Yaoundé, Cameroon @Fodjo Tamo Cédric Alex  and @Fai Collins Ndi  Madrid, Spain @Matthias Zaussinger  @Fátima D. Gigante Germany @Stephanie Ward Sweden @Kate Evans @Malin Johansson France @Natalia Rożniewska 

7pm Lusaka, Zambia @Chewe Chiti , @Victor Chanza Gaborone, Botswana @Albertinah Matsika Harare, Zimbabwe @Marrian Tendai Rwizi South Africa @Luke Foster  Lusaka, Zambia @Chewe Chiti , @Victor Chanza 

8pm Mji Mkongwe, Zanzibar @Ussi Abuu Mnamengi Dar es Salaam @Athumani Zuberi and @Philipo Herman Malley Nairobi, Kenya @Neville Agesa  and @Muthoni Njuguna and @Kevin Lunzalu 

10PM Pakistan @Ufaq Manzar 

10:30PM New Delhi, India @Dr Pranab J Patar , @Loretta Andrade , and @Kartik Thevar 

9AM Santa Cruz, USA @Carolyn Rosevelt, MSc (she/her) 

11AM Costa Rica, @Frank van der Most 

12PM Quito, Ecuador @Alan J. Hesse  Belmopan, Belize @James Foley Washington D. C., USA @Craig Fergus 

2PM Brasilia, Brazil @Laura Nery Silva OH, USA @Josh Boyle Nova Scotia, Canada @Nolan White 

Go to the profile of Frank van der Most
over 1 year ago

Sorry, but I am confused by your calculation, Lize.

According to https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ 16.00/4.00 PM GMT comes out at  10 AM in Costa Rica

Go to the profile of Lize Gibson-Hall
over 1 year ago

Hi Frank, yes sorry this social will be slightly later at 5pm GMT as it seemed to be more popular when organising the art social. Hope you are still able to attend!

Go to the profile of Frank van der Most
over 1 year ago

Sorry, but I won't be able to join in that case. there is a session of the WildTeam leadership course that I will be attending. I already skipped one, so I cannot afford more shirking. Have a nice Christmas celebration

Go to the profile of Lize Gibson-Hall
over 1 year ago

No worries at all Frank, have a lovely Christmas!

Go to the profile of Alan J. Hesse
over 1 year ago

Thank you Lize for going the extra mile calculating the time zones! Very good practice. See you all there. 

Go to the profile of Lara Reden
over 1 year ago

I won't be able to make it, but I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!