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Just a quick one. Some of you may have seen already that there is a WildHub festival from the 15th to 18th June, more information here. WildHub Festival is a 4-day online event for and organised by WildHub members.

Over the next week you will see events being advertised as part of it - I'm helping to organise some Wildlife Yoga!🦓 I am doing this as an individual and member of WildHub, not as an employee of WildTeam. If you have ideas for events it isn't too late - details in the post. 

All the best, 

Beth 🦄

Beth Robinson

WildLearning Specialist, WildTeam

I'm a WildLearning Specialist with WildTeam, a bit of a odd job title. My main role is to design, deliver and organise both our online and class-based training workshops. One of the best parts of my job is meeting other conservationists and learning about the work that they do. I really enjoy geeking out reading teaching theory and thinking about ways I can more creatively and engagingly deliver learning. Before working for WildTeam I did a PhD in invasive plants and human wildlife interactions. I find it really interesting to learn about the ways people interact with nature, both when nature is being wonderful, but also when is is being a bit annoying!
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